Manage your raising
Food Costs and
Control Food Wastage
Be aware of your inventory
Shrinkage & Pilferage,
Increase Profitability
Recipe Management
Our Recipe Automation tool allows you to calculate your food costs and avoids food waste. Keep your stocks accurate and never go out of stock for your customers.
Manage all your vendors and the respective purchase orders in one place with our Inventory Management.
Optimize your purchases with accurate live data on your stock inventories and make effective decisions on time.
Sync Recipe with Raw-materials
Map your raw-materials with your recipe and get accurate stock inventory levels. With our powerful inventory management system you will never run out stocks. Generate bill of material for easy production planning.
Stocks to your branches
Transfer stocks to your branches, manage all your locations from one place.
Generate inventory reports and monitor live inventory levels across all locations.
Request Stocks from your branches
Now you can request stock from any of your branches both raw-material and finished goods.
Raw-materials for Food Production
Allocate raw-materials from store to kitchen for food production, ensure traceability of raw-material flow from suppliers to your production lines.
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